4 Tips for Marketing Your Small Medical or Aesthetics Business

Part I

Running a small medical, aesthetics or related business poses many of the same marketing challenges as other small businesses. While you have the freedom of being your own boss, you’re also responsible for bringing in the customers, carrying out procedures, and managing all the administrative tasks it takes to keep a business running. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of 4 marketing tactics that will allow you to both differentiate your business and attract patients and customers.

Refresh (or Build) A Website

Your website is the foundation for everything else you do. This is where customers will go to research you, where you will drive social media visitors, and it serves as a passive advertisement for your company. The site doesn’t have to have all the bells & whistles, but it should include procedure and service details, contact information and background about your company. 

Start a Blog

Including a blog on your website is a bonus for positioning yourself or your business as expert in your field and for bringing regular traffic to your site. Web crawlers for Google, Bing, and other search engines look for the latest content across the web and index the data for future searches. 

Consistent new information on your site—publish a new blog post at least once per week!—can increase your traffic by up to 400%. Consider writing about (or inviting people to write about) your reaction to industry news, trends, and regulations, before and after patient stories, your practitioner career journey or patient success journeys, and more.

Use Social Media

Social Media is a cheap and easy way to share messages and your brand with your prospective patients. As with your website, customers will want to research you before making any decisions about having you perform any procedures, so share high quality pictures and stories. Drive people to your website for more details. Like on the blog, but in a much briefer format, use social media to share news, promote your blog posts, and engage with readers. You can also boost individual posts or pay for social media advertising to increase your reach with new audiences.

Launch an Email Campaign

Create a mailing list of people who have opted in to receive information from your business (collect names on your website, at events, or offer content in exchange for registration). Repurpose your blogs and any other content you have in regular update messages to your customer list. Schedule regular outreach to clients and prospects with short but informative emails. You can also use email to nurture prospects and convert them to customers by slowly feeding them interesting details about new treatments that are available.

It doesn’t have to be expensive for you to make a significant marketing impact for your small medical spa, aesthetics business or other medical office. You just need to make a commitment to be consistent and dedicated. If you simply don’t have the time, set aside a small budget and talk to a professional or group who can help you tackle these channels.

Stay Tuned for Part II of this article with another four marketing tips for small medical and aesthetics businesses next month.